Selected Artwork from Oscar Joyo

Oscar Joyo (b. 1992, Lilongwi, Malawi). At a young age, he was introduced to art by his mother but his passion grew through animation, comic books, video games, and film. He moved to the United States in 2000 from Malawi and lived in South Bend, Indiana, where he continued to pursue art to serve as means of expression and communication. After graduating high school in 2011, Oscar moved to Chicago to attend the American Academy of Art and explore the creative Chicago art scene. He graduated with a BFA in life drawing at the American Academy of Art in 2015. Technical training in traditional drawing skills from the Academy led him to find interests in professional illustration, graphic design, photography, and fine art. Oscar currently lives in Chicago and has been involved in many artist exhibitions around Chicago. He has also been a part of showcases outside of the city, such as The Society of Illustrators student exhibition in New York, Congressional Art Exhibition, and Digital Arts Showcase in South Korea. Follow him on Instagram at @oscar_joyo.

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