About Us

The Arrival Magazine was born on the streets of Winston-Salem, NC as an idea that sprouted during a walk downtown, soaking up the culture of the local galleries, the restaurants you won’t find anywhere else, the buskers on street corners and people whose stories need to be told but haven’t yet been. We curate a diverse collection of voices and visions from here in North Carolina, Chicago, New York, and plenty of other places.

Magazine founder Jason Anders went about creating this magazine with an outstretched butterfly net, collecting up creatives with unique visions that coalesce to serve a greater purpose, a way of looking at this community that hasn’t been explored before.

Our content has no boundaries. We welcome flash fiction stories, poetry, editorials, restaurant reviews, fashion columns, podcasts, short films, and any other creative exploration that can be tapped in this city and beyond. We’ve only just arrived, and we’re glad to have you with us on this journey.

The Arrival Magazine is proud to have partnered with Delurk Gallery, a leading gallery within the city of Winston-Salem. This partnership was born from a similar vision and passion for art and culture. Delurk is at the forefront of art and consists of some of the most provocative and visionary members/artists within the city. Throughout our art section of The Arrival, you will find features of these artists as we work to document and showcase these profound statements of expression.