by Matthew Wilson


I read about this once. A chemical reaction inside of my brain. The clashing of compounds and the physical response inside my core. But there’s more to this. There’s so much more to love than that of science. I know this to be my personal truth. Because I’ve felt your touch sending lightning through my flesh. I’ve smelled your scent lingering on my sweatshirts through the dead of winter.

We’ve got a connection here, you know it too. We have a metaphysical melding of mortal coils. You were meant for me, and I was meant for you. Your soul’s heat has melted the cascading casket of encircling ice. You’ve fueled a fire white hot to experience all this chemical concoction has to offer. Love, a gift you’ve granted me.

Your voice sends chills from skull to ankles. My pupils dilate and those around believe I’ve done more cocaine than Tony Montana. I’m purely addicted to your body’s effects on mine. I’ve trembled at the thought of you walking away. I fear the day you grow bored of me. You’ve sparked this reaction and I’ll let it consume me for as long as I live.

Love. Life’s true killer.

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