Elevate by Mogul

Mogul Clothing Co: Elevating Streetwear and Mental Health by Zach McCraw

Saturday, August 11th a full house packed Footnote, the newest cafe/bar and event space by Foothills Brewery, for the launch of Chris Wilson’s Mogul fashion line, a ready-to-wear series of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tank tops, sweatpants, leggings and other streetwear.

Mogul Clothing co chris wilson
Mogul owner Chris Wilson. Photo by Christian Bartholomew

Mogul is fashion with a passion that is close to Wilson’s heart. He lost his brother CJ to suicide in the early 2000s and, as a result, he has made it his mission to raise awareness and promote positive mental health by donating portions of each Mogul sale to Suicide Prevention and mental health programs.

“Elevate” was the title and theme of the inaugural Mogul show. Wilson tied the event together by walking the runway between rounds, sharing his mission and passion for bringing Mogul to the public. He described his goal for the evening and the Mogul brand as a whole to “Elevate your Life, Elevate your Mental Health, Elevate your Wardrobe.”

Air by Alkali hair and makeup
Model Karen Clevinger gets her hair and makeup done by Air By Alkali . Photo by Chelsea Clayton.

Wilson designs all of Mogul’s graphics and collaborates with other artists on featured pieces. He holds his line to a high standard and carefully selects the garments he produces. Some pieces are custom manufactured. Mogul’s graphics are screen printed by Machine Gun Graphics and embroidered by LOCAL Apparel. For Elevate, he teamed up with Air By Alkali  for hair and makeup.

Model Karen Clevinger in Mogul shirt and leggings. Photo by Christian Bartholomew
Model Kayley Mull in a Mogul tanktop. Photo by Christian Bartholomew












“Elevate was amazing,” Wilson said, “and I would love to continue the conversation around suicide prevention and positive mental health. A lot of people, ones I didn’t even know prior, came up to me after the show to tell me thank you and share their story and how they connect with my mission. That’s what keeps me going.”

This is only the beginning. Mogul is moving forward. “As far as future projects I have some pop-up shops planned,” Wilson said, “collaborations and other fun projects, so everyone stay tuned!

What speaks loudest about Mogul is Wilson’s heart and passion for his brand’s mission and the honest elevation of positive mental health and awareness of a real issue affecting our community.

Visit the Mogul site | Follow Mogul Clothing Co. on Instagram

Model Angel Black in a Mogul shirt. Photo by Christian Bartholomew


Ray GotIt Justin Barnett

Interview with Ray GotIt by Justin Barnett

I drive to Charlotte and meet Ray at a mansion where he’s shooting his latest music video. The vibe is electric. His family and team are there cooking food and hanging out. Everyone’s super cool, chill, and welcoming. I take out my camera, grab some shots, and talk with Ray about where he’s headed next.

Ray GotIt is a rap artist living in Winston-Salem, NC. He’s released two mixtapes and has a full-length on the way. You can find his music on Spotify, Apple Music, or Spinrilla, where you can download his mixtapes for free.


Noted in this interview are Justin Barnett (JB) and Ray GotIt (RGI).


JB: What’s been up with you?

RGI: Chasing a bag and preparing myself spiritually, mentally, & physically for my flight to Phoenix Arizona. A lot of changes. Ready to work with my new record label and
produce some great music. I’ve been on a promotion tour for a few weeks building my
following, but I’m ready to get back to work in the studio.

Ray GotIt NC

JB: How has your location affected your music?

RGI: It’s better for me in some ways. I’m able to make music that’s more relatable to the
masses since leaving home. The more I take in, the more I have to give to my fans.

JB: How has your traveling with the music been?

RGI: Great. It’s no feeling like gaining new fans and supporters who enjoy good music. You often get more support on the road over where you’re born and raised. I suggest every artist travels, whether you have a deal or not. Everyone you start with won’t make it to the end but you have to trust the process and move forward everyday.

“It’s always better to choose something over not choosing anything” —RGI

Ray GotIt Video Shoot

JB: What inspires your decisions in production?

RGI: I’m all about the vibes and energy of a beat. I like to kick back, smoke, and let the
instrumentals play. I choose with my heart, not my mind. I’m a storyteller, so I put pain
and passion on all my instrumentals. No trap rap. Everything heartfelt.

JB: What’s the story behind your name, Ray GotIt?

RGI: Honestly, the name came from just being a guy who ALWAYS finds a way to work
things out for others. Don’t matter what it is, I GOT YOU. “Man with the plan” is what
many called me. I often put others’ happiness before mine, and I used to take pride in
making their day even when I was in bad situations personally. I haven’t always had the
best solution or methods, but I’ve always cared enough to give those around me “the
best of me,” period. Effort is everything. I also made good money hustling in the streets
for several years before my first record deal. That gave the name “GotIt” a different
meaning to the public that also fit my life and what I had to offer to others. Nowadays I
feel God has blessed me with many talents and has chosen me to help change HIS
people through music.

Ray GotIt Music Video

Ray GotIt Photoshoot
Ray GotIt being filmed by his personal photographer, Antonyo Evans

JB: What impact do you want your music to have?

I want it to cause people to believe in themselves! I make music for those who are down
but NOT out. My music’s all pain/struggle mixed with positive messages. I need people to listen and meditate. Life has been a struggle for me, I just look better than what I been

JB: If you had the choice to do a cross-genre collab with any famous artist, who would it

RGI: Rihanna or Chris Brown

JB: What are some “bucketlist” type goals you have for your music career?

RGI: Billboard charts and getting booked overseas.

“Life has been a struggle for me, I just look better than what I been through.”

JB: Can you give us a hint on what’s next from Really Getting It?

RGI: Major flight to AZ up next… Huge video dropping on WorldStar this month… A lot of community events are being put in place this year for the kids who are less fortunate, sponsored by Gotit Ent. It’s time to show why God chose me!

Check Ray GotIt out on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Ray GotIt Spotify

Gavin Engholm Brings West Coast Culture to Arkansas

Skateboard Artist Longboard Beach

Gavin Engholm is a young artist from San Diego, CA, now living in Bentonville, AR. His goal has always been to spread more creativity in the world, but specifically to bring more west coast culture to Northwest Arkansas.

Skateboard Art




He uses skateboards as his canvas, fusing styles from multiple different art cultures as he travels the world, inspiring artists into a whole new industry among this fast-growing city of Bentonville.


Follow him on Instagram: white_hawk_skate_co



Nature Skateboard Art

Lonboard Sharpie Art

Gavin Engholm Workshop

Gavin Engholm Skateboards

Skateboard Artist

Teal Longboard



Parker Schmidt : A Downhill Skateboarder in his Own Words by Jason Anders

Parker Schmidt

A downhill skateboarder in his own words

By Jason Anders

Pushing yourself to the ragged edge outside of comfort to find utter serenity is the way some people live and love in life. It’s the daring danger zones that bring peace, comfort, and courage to the free spirit, renewing the zest for living outside of the boundaries.

It takes these qualities for extreme sports such as downhill skateboarding—and the thrill and adrenaline you receive from it! Parker Schmidt is a downhill skateboarder with a drive to set himself apart even from those who live outside of the boundaries. This is a profile and feature of this athlete in his own words as he describes what makes him driven to succeed in the sport and the satisfaction it gives to him.

“I’m Parker Schmidt, an 18-year-old Professional Downhill Skateboarder from Boise, Idaho. This 2018 season will be my second year competing on the world stage, as well as my 4th year partaking in downhill skateboarding.

“I try my best to set myself apart from the rest by taking a different approach to the sport. Only the top 10% of racers are those who continuously train every day, whether that’s on board or weight training, along with maintaining a clean diet and lifestyle can be difficult for everyone to do. I do my best to provide information to those who are wanting to begin a healthy and fitness based lifestyle by posting informative blogs or posts either on my website or social media.

“Downhill skating is an escape for me. While blasting down a hill at upwards of 60mph, it’s a moment of bliss. When the moment comes to slowing down and drifting in order to make a corner, I drop my hand and push my board out from under me, going sideways in order to drop 10mph to keep my line through the corner, it feels like you’re weightless. I’ve never experienced this sensation anywhere else, surfing or snowboarding may come close. But nothing can resemble the sensation of the grip and slip from wheels at high speeds.

“When it comes to racing, I’m going into the 2018 season with the mindset of racing myself. Nobody else on the course matters, they’re not the reasons for my faults, only I am. I’m there to beat … my previous records, and if that ends up with me being on the top of the podium, then I consider that some bonus points. I am my only strength and weakness.”



styleLEGIT : Proper Punk by Dalia Pica

In the myriad of interesting people roaming Winston-Salem, NC, it is a challenge to stick out and be noticed. Walk around the city and cross paths with Matt Flowers, though, and that’s just what you’ll do — NOTICE HIM. With his true-blue punk aesthetic, friendly smile, gorgeous gothy wife and regular downtown bar haunts, this cat is the Epitome of Cool. I’ve run into him in various art and music scenes, he’s kindly helped me out of a jam, and everyone seems to know and love this guy. He makes music and creates incredibly unique, unusual punk rock jackets that he wears and sells. But who is he? What is he all about? Instead of asking around I went right to the source.


Dalia Pica: What’s your name and how old are ya?

Matt Flowers: Matt Flowers, I’m 29.


DP: What is a common misconception about you?

MF: Looks are deceiving, some people are right about me some people are wrong. I don’t care what people believe about me, I believe in myself.


DP: Name 3 things that you find interesting about yourself.

MF: A lot of friends I’ve had are either dead or in prison, I have nightmares about floating in space often, and I used a coffin as a bed for about 2 years.

DP: What did you want to be when you grew up?

MF: A rocker.


DP: What is your passion?

MF: Synthesizers, motorcycles, and painting.


DP: What do you do for a living?

MF: Currently I make punk rock jackets and I’m working on an album.

DP: What are your favorite bands?

MF: Alien Sex Fiend, Cockney rejects, Ministry


DP: If you could have an hour-long lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

MF: My wife.


DP: What is something you are excited about?

MF: I am excited about finishing my degree in Fine Arts, spending time with my friends and producing more work.

DP: What is the best thing you ever did?

MF: Riding a motorcycle from NC to Southern California and then on to Seattle.


DP: Which is your favorite body modification (on yourself) and what’s the story behind it?

MF: I am tattooed from head to toe (roughly 200+ tattoos), I am into branding also. Eventually I want all of my skin to have just one big tattoo, everything I have is just illustrations of things I’ve been through or perceive about life.


DP: Proudest accomplishment?

MF: 6 years in the army and serving for operation Iraqi Freedom.

DP: Where do you often find inspiration?

MF: I pull inspiration and creativity from hundreds of different artists and musicians.


DP: What scares you?

MF: Eternity and feeling death instead of just dying naturally .


DP: Biggest regret?

MF: That’s a hard one. Joining the military isn’t a regret but it’s a regret not being around for my friends and family while I was gone. Many things would be different in my life if I had not joined but I guess that’s a part of that choice.

DP: Three “words to live by.”

MF: You’re not alone.


DP: Do you do “sock sock shoe shoe” or “sock shoe sock shoe”?

MF: Sock sock shoe shoe. Well, sock sock PANTS then shoes. That way my pants don’t roll my socks when I drop the leg back down. I wear tight shit