Mogul Clothing Co: Elevating Streetwear and Mental Health by Zach McCraw

Saturday, August 11th a full house packed Footnote, the newest cafe/bar and event space by Foothills Brewery, for the launch of Chris Wilson’s Mogul fashion line, a ready-to-wear series of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tank tops, sweatpants, leggings and other streetwear.

Mogul Clothing co chris wilson
Mogul owner Chris Wilson. Photo by Christian Bartholomew

Mogul is fashion with a passion that is close to Wilson’s heart. He lost his brother CJ to suicide in the early 2000s and, as a result, he has made it his mission to raise awareness and promote positive mental health by donating portions of each Mogul sale to Suicide Prevention and mental health programs.

“Elevate” was the title and theme of the inaugural Mogul show. Wilson tied the event together by walking the runway between rounds, sharing his mission and passion for bringing Mogul to the public. He described his goal for the evening and the Mogul brand as a whole to “Elevate your Life, Elevate your Mental Health, Elevate your Wardrobe.”

Air by Alkali hair and makeup
Model Karen Clevinger gets her hair and makeup done by Air By Alkali . Photo by Chelsea Clayton.

Wilson designs all of Mogul’s graphics and collaborates with other artists on featured pieces. He holds his line to a high standard and carefully selects the garments he produces. Some pieces are custom manufactured. Mogul’s graphics are screen printed by Machine Gun Graphics and embroidered by LOCAL Apparel. For Elevate, he teamed up with Air By Alkali  for hair and makeup.

Model Karen Clevinger in Mogul shirt and leggings. Photo by Christian Bartholomew
Model Kayley Mull in a Mogul tanktop. Photo by Christian Bartholomew












“Elevate was amazing,” Wilson said, “and I would love to continue the conversation around suicide prevention and positive mental health. A lot of people, ones I didn’t even know prior, came up to me after the show to tell me thank you and share their story and how they connect with my mission. That’s what keeps me going.”

This is only the beginning. Mogul is moving forward. “As far as future projects I have some pop-up shops planned,” Wilson said, “collaborations and other fun projects, so everyone stay tuned!

What speaks loudest about Mogul is Wilson’s heart and passion for his brand’s mission and the honest elevation of positive mental health and awareness of a real issue affecting our community.

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Model Angel Black in a Mogul shirt. Photo by Christian Bartholomew