The Unending Stasis of Amnesia by Peter V Dugan

new nation

Art: Chuck Giezentanner



1) Breaking News

Like a programmed automaton

              he lurks on the sidelines

just another face

              hidden in the crowd.


He waits with the patience

              of a lioness, selects his prey

                          with calculating craft.


Polished gray gun-metal gleams

              under the streetlight.


Brass shell casings hit the pavement,

              tinkle like bells

                          sound a death knell

as youth and potential

                                          are lost

shooting stars that lit the sky


no chance

              to fulfill their dreams.


The shooter leaves his mark

            a massive body count,

                          numbers remain unfinished.


Maybe tomorrow they’ll know more.


2) Repetition of Ritual

Mourners howl and say Kaddish

              members of a lost tribe

emerge from the shadows

              gather to raise voices

in contempt at being condemned

              by unintended consequences

as fingers reach to the sky

              stretch for more sun

                          and pray.


Imagination runs with consciousness,

              recedes in a magical retreat,

spins a yarn of facts


like a coital knot of snakes



                          and contorted.


The string of lies tangled

              with knots of truth

to form an obvious enigmatic solution,


on a one-way street intersecting



3) Return to Scheduled Program

Footprints and echoes,

              giant imprints of the past

form a foundation that’s fragile

              and struggles to defeat

                          the odds.


Sweet sounds of life fill the air

              sheep bleat,


to feed on tufts of grass.

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