“Rolling Park” by Kevin Martin

Rolling Park


By Kevin Martin

Remember when Walmart only sold “made in America”.
Remember growing
up in the south, if we put corn on the grill
it was because we grew corn and beans
with squash.  Native Americans called this trio the three sisters.
Remember snapping beans into a bucket.
My brother and me would run through the old used husks
of corn at the end of
our childhood days.

We used sticks found in the black widow
woods with sandbox complete to chop down corn stalks like samurai
cutting bamboo at
slanted angles.

One minute until sundown

Cleared field

Our lone Ranger Brand six shooter
cap guns in holsters
we were gunslingers.

Fingers resting on hips beside
my Colt on display

We are wolf twin brothers so this
youthful showdown
is like looking into my own eyes slanted like a low plains drifter.

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