Sonic Snapshots Artist Spotlight: IAMDYNAMITE by Ross Barnes

Artist Spotlight: IAMDYNAMITE

IAMDYNAMITE is the Raleigh, NC-based, Ann Arbor, MI-formed pop/rock duo project of Christopher Martin and Chris Phillips. Their albums SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC and Wasa Tusa are both dynamic works of art that blend the rhythms and hooks of rock with the electrified atmosphere of modern electronic pop. The harmonic chemistry between Martin and Phillips is incredible, as is the case with many other artists who’ve worked together for a decade. The drum patterns and vocal harmonies of Phillips blend perfectly with the soothing guitar and vocals of Martin. The band has had much luck on the alternative music charts: their single, “Where Will We Go” from SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC, spent over 20 weeks on the Billboard Top 20 Alternative chart, a huge success that placed the duo in the public eye on a massive scale. Just as before, you can find a selection of my favorite tracks of theirs on the Sonic Snapshots Artist Spotlight Playlist on Spotify, as well as their entire works on the IAMDYNAMITE Spotify Channel.


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