Sonic Snapshots Artist Spotlight: AUTHOR by Ross Barnes

Sonic Snapshots Artist Spotlight: AUTHOR

Photography by Alyson Worker

Author is an indie three-piece based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 2010 by brothers Trevor and Cameron Bartlett and guitarist Erik Moody, the band has grown into their own over the years since their first EP, People Are Alike All Over, released in May of 2012. Their dreamy soundscapes will send you into a trance as you listen through their evolution of sound. Author first popped up on my radar in February 2015 after their appearance on Audiotree Live, a live-performance media company with a structure similar to other showcase media channels such as The Wild Honey Pie and NPR’s Tiny Desk Sessions. Their most recent release, titled IIFOIIC (Is It Far or Is It Close), is a mellowed masterpiece of ballads and gloriously creamy emotions that will be sure to hit you deep in your feels and leave you smiling and relaxed.

I would highly suggest giving them a listen and keeping an eye out for them as the summer and autumnal months approach, as they will likely be making moves. Their discography can be found at and, once posted, their tour dates, online store, and links to social media can be found at

Personal Note to the Audience: Attached below is a Spotify playlist I have compiled of my favorite tracks that Author has released since the beginning of their career until now. I think it’s a fair blend of their songs off each album they have released. From now on when I post an artist spotlight, I’ll be adding tracks from future artists to this playlist. I hope you enjoy the tunes as well as your days, weeks, months, and years to come. -Ross

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