styleLEGIT : Proper Punk by Dalia Pica

In the myriad of interesting people roaming Winston-Salem, NC, it is a challenge to stick out and be noticed. Walk around the city and cross paths with Matt Flowers, though, and that’s just what you’ll do — NOTICE HIM. With his true-blue punk aesthetic, friendly smile, gorgeous gothy wife and regular downtown bar haunts, this cat is the Epitome of Cool. I’ve run into him in various art and music scenes, he’s kindly helped me out of a jam, and everyone seems to know and love this guy. He makes music and creates incredibly unique, unusual punk rock jackets that he wears and sells. But who is he? What is he all about? Instead of asking around I went right to the source.


Dalia Pica: What’s your name and how old are ya?

Matt Flowers: Matt Flowers, I’m 29.


DP: What is a common misconception about you?

MF: Looks are deceiving, some people are right about me some people are wrong. I don’t care what people believe about me, I believe in myself.


DP: Name 3 things that you find interesting about yourself.

MF: A lot of friends I’ve had are either dead or in prison, I have nightmares about floating in space often, and I used a coffin as a bed for about 2 years.

DP: What did you want to be when you grew up?

MF: A rocker.


DP: What is your passion?

MF: Synthesizers, motorcycles, and painting.


DP: What do you do for a living?

MF: Currently I make punk rock jackets and I’m working on an album.

DP: What are your favorite bands?

MF: Alien Sex Fiend, Cockney rejects, Ministry


DP: If you could have an hour-long lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

MF: My wife.


DP: What is something you are excited about?

MF: I am excited about finishing my degree in Fine Arts, spending time with my friends and producing more work.

DP: What is the best thing you ever did?

MF: Riding a motorcycle from NC to Southern California and then on to Seattle.


DP: Which is your favorite body modification (on yourself) and what’s the story behind it?

MF: I am tattooed from head to toe (roughly 200+ tattoos), I am into branding also. Eventually I want all of my skin to have just one big tattoo, everything I have is just illustrations of things I’ve been through or perceive about life.


DP: Proudest accomplishment?

MF: 6 years in the army and serving for operation Iraqi Freedom.

DP: Where do you often find inspiration?

MF: I pull inspiration and creativity from hundreds of different artists and musicians.


DP: What scares you?

MF: Eternity and feeling death instead of just dying naturally .


DP: Biggest regret?

MF: That’s a hard one. Joining the military isn’t a regret but it’s a regret not being around for my friends and family while I was gone. Many things would be different in my life if I had not joined but I guess that’s a part of that choice.

DP: Three “words to live by.”

MF: You’re not alone.


DP: Do you do “sock sock shoe shoe” or “sock shoe sock shoe”?

MF: Sock sock shoe shoe. Well, sock sock PANTS then shoes. That way my pants don’t roll my socks when I drop the leg back down. I wear tight shit

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