Sonic Snapshots: A Review of Company of Thieves by Ross Barnes

Company of Thieves, a native band of Chicago, Illinois, transplanted to LA during the summer of 2010 for the release of their sophomore album — Running From a Gamble — and since 2014 had been off the radar. On May 22nd of 2017, the band announced a reunion and had just finished a tour this past September, following the release of their single “Treasure.”

“Treasure” is one of the most fantastic blends of genres I have heard from a band in a while. Blending the soulful/punky vocals of Genevieve with a driving bass-heavy drumline takes me back to the late aughts with reminders of Paramore and Rise Against, but the spacey separations between beats make me think more so of recent electronic rock releases by Warpaint, Snowmine, or From Indian Lakes. The end result is a beautiful take on modern alternative rock with roots in blues and punk.

I highly recommend giving Company of Thieves a listen and to keep your eye out on the horizon for what they might do in the future. The band has expressed that they intend to write more following this recent tour, and if it’s more like “Treasure,” then I am as stoked as I can be.

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