QPC’s Kick-Ass Column: Spyder Bonez Returns

Spyder Bonez is a MONSTER of a band, comprised of a huge sound and larger than life personalities. Wildly popular not only for their exciting music and energetic live shows, they also became known for their insanely fun — and oftentimes out of control — after-parties. With a camaraderie closer to that of a gang than a band, they have an element of reckless abandon surrounding them. Their reputation conjures up the sleaze, attitude, and danger usually reserved for Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, e.g., Guns N’ Roses or the Rolling Stones in their heyday. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! They formed in 1997 in Greensboro, NC, when singer Devon Cochran began writing music with guitarists Chris “Rip” Pittman and Tuggie Turner; bass player Wayne Wilson (promptly replaced by Todd Bullard) and drummer Brian “Bull” Bentley followed suit shortly thereafter. In 2000, with the exception of a handful of reunion shows, the band went on an indefinite hiatus with an undefined future.

In 2017, Spyder Bonez lives and breathes again! With the rejuvenating energy and fresh blood of new members Brad Autwell and Rob Wojnar on bass and drums, respectively, the legacy of the band carries on, and they’ve somehow managed to maintain the respect and loyalty of their fans through all those lost years. It’s a testament to the immense impression they’ve made in the hearts and the minds of their fan base. With a brand new album, Indignant, pristinely recorded by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, Spyder Bonez intends to show 2017 that they’re here to stay! They’ve rubbed elbows with and opened for such national acts as Black Label Society, Biohazard, and Nothingface, to name a few. Currently number 1 locally, number 5 nationally, and number 8 globally on the ReverbNation charts, any chance to catch their amazing live show is a can’t-miss opportunity.

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