Fiesta 2017 by Jason Anders




Downtown Winston-Salem on a warm day, September 23rd. Fiesta 2017 was electrifying! I started out walking toward the combined smell of numerous foods from several different Latin cultures, mixed with the sounds of mariachi music — it was as if I was lost deep in Mexico City! Wherever I turned I saw the mixed array of culture that was alive and energetic. I’ve always felt the Hispanic culture as a whole is made up of people who are so amazingly proud and exciting with their zest for life, and it shows with their customs and spirit.

As I looked around I noticed food tents from countries such as Cuba and Peru, Mexico, and El Salvador, but I made a beeline straight for my favorite: the Cubano. It’s a mouth-watering, phenomenal sandwich; there are no words to describe its unbelievable flavor! Standing in line I caught that unmistakable scent of the mojo chicken, black beans, and rice. A staple in Cuban cuisine, its citrusy, spicy goodness is certain to put you in the vibe of Little Havana, or even South Beach in the summer.

Walking around I took in the scene: flags from all the represented countries, live music and clothing. Needless to say, I had a blast! I ended my day watching a live presentation of what seemed to be a traditional Mexican dance, with men draped in ponchos, sombreros, and masks engaging with the crowd to get everyone into the vibe.

Fiesta will forever be one of my favorite events as my love for Hispanic culture is satisfied for an entire day on amazing levels!

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