My Grunge

by Jim Pica


Growing up, I listened to and appreciated a variety of types of music.
My high school years started during the early ’90s when grunge rock

I was there when it “smelled like teen spirit.”
I was there when they came to “snuff the rooster.”
I was there when we “got time, time, to wait for tomorrow.”
I was there waiting for that “black hole sun” to come.

And yes.
I was there when “Jeremy spoke in class.”

I remember when we lost Cobain.
I remember when we lost Staley.
I remember when we lost Weiland.

And now Cornell.

The death of Cornell stings hard. I feel like my teenage self again, filled with all that angst and sadness. Depression is a crazy thing, whether you’re rich and famous or just an average Joe. It is a horrible thing that can push people to the edge. We will never understand what went through Cornell’s mind, or any of the great grunge lead singers’ minds, that made them make their final decision.

It is truly a big loss, and a very unexpected one of Cornell. I can only hope that Eddie Vedder stays with us for a long time and continues the sound I grew up with.

Whether you enjoyed their music or not, they were all still people who expressed themselves in a very unique and artistic way.

I write this just to say I appreciate all that they have given us musically. Again, I know not everyone liked their music or artistic expression, but they were people. People like you and me. People with problems and demons.

Just like you and me.

Stay strong, my friends, and let their music live on.

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